Wrap a Toilet Seat As a Prank

Wrap a Toilet Seat As a Prank
Wrapping a toilet seat with plastic cling wrap is one of most common pranks you can play on a person! It’s likely to generate a shriek. Be careful: You’re going to have an unhappy friend!

Part 1 of 3:Gathering Your Materials

1. Buy some cling wrap

Buy some cling wrap. Sometimes this is known as plastic wrap or Saran wrap. This prank is simple and cost-effective. You won’t need many materials.

Almost all stores sell cling wrap. It doesn’t matter which brand you purchase or have. The only thing that really matters is that the cling wrap is clear.
You need two things for sure: The cling or Saran wrap and a toilet! You also need to have some courage because this prank is probably going to tick someone off.
It’s also possible that you may need to use scissors, although these are not mandatory. They can be helpful when measuring out the length of cling wrap you need, though.

2. Lift the lid and seat of the toilet
Lift the lid and seat of the toilet. Lift up both the lid and the toilet seat itself before applying the plastic wrap to the toilet.

You might want to remove any rugs from the bathroom floor that are near the toilet. Keep in mind that you might find them soaked with urine (or more) if you don’t.
Don’t put the cling wrap over the toilet seat itself. Put the plastic wrap over the underlying bowl.
Thus, you need to remember to lift up two things: First, your toilet lid, and then the toilet seat that lies beneath it.

3. Wait for the right moment
Wait for the right moment. Seize the moment when you can set up the prank and not be caught.

If other people are in the home, or you get a surprise visitor, be aware the prank could end up being played on a person you’re not anticipating. It’s usually best to play this prank at night because lights will be dimmer, and people less aware.
Make sure the person you’re playing the prank on isn’t on their way to work or dressed up for a night out, as this could turn a prank into a big hassle. They may have to change urine soaked clothes, for example.
Only play pranks in a light-hearted manner. Don’t ever try to be cruel or play pranks with a motive to get back at a person in a mean-spirited way. Don’t do things to other people that you wouldn’t want done to you.

Part 2 of 3:Applying the Cling Wrap

1. Rip off a piece of cling wrap big enough to cover the toilet bowl

Rip off a piece of cling wrap big enough to cover the toilet bowl. There are two ways to go about this. Both of them can work.

One possibility is that you take the roll of saran wrap out of the box completely. Unroll enough of the wrap to lay it over the top of the toilet bowl, and then cut the end that is still on the roll with scissors.
The other possibility is that you leave the roll in its box, and use the box cutter to slice the end of the wrap.
Make sure that you’ve pulled the wrap so that there’s enough of it left to fit around the bowl completely.

2. Pull the plastic wrap tight
Pull the plastic wrap tight. If you don’t pull the wrap very tight, it might be too visible, and that could ruin the prank.

Straighten out the cling wrap. Stretch it to the point where there are as few wrinkles as possible.
Rub your fingers around the top of the toilet bowl to make sure the Saran wrap is smoothed down on it.
You may need to cut away some of the excess cling wrap that is hanging down the side of the bowl to make sure that it’s a tight fit. It should extend an inch or two down around all sides of the bowl.

3. Wrap the cling wrap around the toilet
Wrap the cling wrap around the toilet. Make sure that you wedge it behind the toilet bowl’s back. Put the seat down.

You can practice the trick with a cup of water before you actually do it. The person who sits on the toilet is going to end up with a surprise when they go. What’s going to happen is their urine will probably spill onto the floor and get on them. If they go number two, it’s likely to end up on their butt.
The prank is less effective with males because they are more likely to look down at the toilet before they go to the bathroom in it, and they might notice the cling wrap.
Wait for the person you want to prank. Be aware that you could end up with pee on the bathroom floor or poop on themselves, so decide whether pulling this prank off is worth the hassle!

Part 3 of 3:Playing Other Toilet Pranks

1. Spread petroleum jelly on the seat

Spread petroleum jelly on the seat. There are a variety of other toilet seat pranks that you can choose from, if you don’t have the materials to wrap the seat.

Spread petroleum jelly on the entirety of the actual toilet seat. You can also use non brand-name petroleum jelly for this purpose.
The petroleum jelly will likely be invisible enough that the other person won’t see it when they sit down, but they will definitely feel it!

2. Create a foaming or gelatin toilet
Create a foaming or gelatin toilet. Put different ingredients into the toilet bowl water itself to play a prank on someone.

Create a foaming toilet by putting Sodium Iodide in the bowl and Hydrogen Peroxide in the tank. Lab supply stores online have these chemicals, and they will cause the toilet to overflow upon flushing.
Pour gelatin into the toilet bowl, and make sure it’s not going to be used for 24 to 36 hours. Then, let it harden. This will work better in a cooler climate.

3. Think long and hard before playing a prank
Think long and hard before playing a prank. Is the prank something that could get you in trouble? Is it something that could cause someone real harm? Those are important questions to ask before you play the prank.

Take special care to consider the environment where you will be playing the prank. For example, playing such a prank on teachers at school is almost never a good idea because it could lead to discipline.
Playing the prank on siblings (or a significant other or roommate) in the privacy of a home or dorm is less likely to result in severe ramifications.
The general rule of thumb is that playing pranks on strangers in public places is almost never a wise idea. Also get ready to start a prank war. If you prank someone, they are more likely to prank you back.