Tips for Waiting for Exciting Events

Wait for an Exciting Event
It’s always fun to have an event to look forward to, but it can be hard to stay patient when you have to wait for something you’re excited about. The more you focus on the future event, the more you want it to happen right away. Fortunately, if you keep a busy schedule, try new things, and focus on the present, time will go by before you know it.

Method 1 of 3: Staying Busy

1. Get some exercise

Get some exercise. Besides being healthy, exercise can be a very effective way to distract yourself. It forces you to be present in your body instead of dwelling on what’s in your mind. Try a yoga class, go for a run, or just take a few minutes to stretch.

2. Meet up with some friends

Meet up with some friends. Going out and socializing can help take your mind off of the event you’re waiting for. Talk to your friends about what’s new in their lives or interests you have in common, but avoid bringing up the event that you’re excited about, even if they’re waiting for it too.

3. Tackle a project you’ve been putting off

Tackle a project you’ve been putting off. Have you been meaning to organize your closet for months? Do you have a pile of old t-shirts you’ve been wanting to make into a quilt? Now is a great time to throw yourself into a project, whether it’s practical or just for fun. It will take your mind off of what you’re waiting for, and you’ll get the satisfaction of finally accomplishing something you’ve been putting off.

4. Volunteer for a cause you believe in

Volunteer for a cause you believe in. Focusing on others can help take your minds off of things that are going on in your own life, so volunteering is an ideal distraction from waiting for your event. Think about some good causes that you care about and see if there are any charities or organizations that address them in your area. Odds are they would love to have a volunteer.
Local churches, soup kitchens, and animal shelters are usually looking for volunteers.

5. Learn a new skill

Learn a new skill. Taking up a new hobby will occupy your mind and fill up your schedule so you’ll have less time to think about the event you’re waiting for. Try something you’ve never done before, or try several different things and see what you like best.
Drawing, writing, and music are great creative outlets, or you may want to try something physical like dance or martial arts.

6. Get a part-time job to fill up your free time

Get a part-time job to fill up your free time. Even if you already have a job, you may want to add a little more work to your schedule to stay busy while you’re waiting for your exciting event. It will keep you occupied, and you’ll be earning money at the same time. Look for something that fits with your schedule and will still leave you a little free time just to relax.

Method 2 of 3: Distracting Yourself

1. Read a good book

Read a good book. A nice dose of fiction can be just the thing to take your mind off the event you’re anticipating. Choose something that seems interesting or exciting and will hold your attention easily.
Comic books and graphic novels can also be very engaging ways to occupy your mind.

2. Spend some time in nature

Spend some time in nature. Slowing down and putting yourself in a peaceful environment can often help you feel more patient. Find a nice, quiet park or just hang out in your backyard. Focus on little details like bugs moving through the grass and wind in the trees.

3. Watch a gripping TV show

Watch a gripping TV show. Television can be a great way to distract yourself when you’re trying not to think about something, especially when you’re watching something very exciting or intense. Find a series that interests you and turn it on when you need to distract yourself.

4. Take some time for self-care

Take some time for self-care. When you can’t stop thinking about something fun in the future, it helps to have fun in the present. Have a spa day where you pamper yourself with a bubble bath, or get a massage. Or spend a day curled up in bed with a good book or TV show.

5. Go to a public place and people-watch

Go to a public place and people-watch. Shopping malls, public parks, and town squares are all great places to just sit and observe other people. Bring a picnic and ask a friend to join you if you want. Focus on watching other people and pay attention to what they say, how they dress, where they’re going, and anything else you can learn by observing them.

Method 3 of 3: Living in the Moment

1. Try something new

Try something new. Most people tend to engage their minds more fully when they’re having new experiences, so if you really want to stop thinking about the event you’re waiting for, just try something new. Take a class, visit a new place, or spend some time with people you don’t usually hang out with.

2. Avoid keeping track of time

Avoid keeping track of time. It can be tempting to count the days (or hours, or minutes) until your exciting event occurs, but it will actually make waiting even harder. Do your best to refrain from calculating how much time you have left to wait, or compromise and only allow yourself to count every few days or weeks.

3. Enjoy the anticipation

Enjoy the anticipation. Waiting is hard, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Waiting for something you’re excited about can be fun. If you change the way you think about having to wait, you may find you can actually appreciate the experience.

4. Practice mindfulness

Practice mindfulness. Learning to slow down and be present can make waiting easier. Practice observing your thoughts without judgment, and notice how often you think about the event you’re waiting for. Try focusing on small, simple details like your breathing or the sounds you hear when you’re silent. Immersing yourself in your present surroundings will make it easier not to think about the future.

5. Keep the big picture in mind

Keep the big picture in mind. It may seem like this exciting event is the only thing that matters, but you can remind yourself that it’s only going to be one experience in your life and one day it’ll just be one of many memories. There will be plenty of other exciting events on the horizon after this one. Taking the focus off of this particular event can make it easier to wait until it comes around.