Ask for Help

Maybe you’re a new parent overwhelmed by keeping the house in order. Or maybe you’re a student struggling with a tough homework assignment. Everyone has been in a situation where they could use some help. Unfortunately, it can feel tough to ask for help. Maybe you feel embarrassed or scared that you’ll be turned down. … Read more

Ask a Question Intelligently

Do you have questions but you’re afraid of what someone will think if you ask or worried about getting the most from the answer? You can find some tips (below the jump) for asking more open-minded and informed questions that will help not only you but others to comprehend information placed before you, as well … Read more

Artificially Inseminate Cows and Heifers

Artificial Insemination (AI) is the second-most common practice of breeding livestock–well, it’s the only alternative to breeding livestock next to natural breeding using a male over females. AI is, however, much more common in dairy production than in beef production, though AI is gaining ground in beef breeding herds due to the increased access and … Read more

Approach Your Horse

Horses are intelligent, hard-working animals that make great companions. However, it’s easy to forget that they are also large, powerful animals that can be dangerous if they’re startled or provoked. By obeying a few simple rules of horse safety, it’s easy to show care and respect for your animal without too much extra effort. Part … Read more

Approach a Stray Dog

Stray animals can be dangerous, and you must always remember that they are probably frightened by you. If you unintentionally threaten them, they could become violent. If you want to approach a stray animal, follow these steps. Ideally, the animal will learn to trust you, and hopefully become tame enough for you to bring home. … Read more

Apply Rainbow Eyeshadow

Apply Rainbow Eyeshadow Pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue eye shadows are great alone, but they are even better when combined to create beautiful rainbow eyes. The look is fun and fairly easy to achieve with a little practice. You can create a rainbow look solely for experimentation or to celebrate a particularly colorful event. … Read more

Apply for Legal Funding

Lawsuits are expensive and can take a long time to resolve. Even if you have a strong case, you might have to wait years before you reach a settlement or win a court judgment. In the meantime, your bills pile up. You may have fixed expenses such as a mortgage, insurance, and school tuition. If … Read more

Apply for a Credit Card

Applying for a credit card can be confusing and intimidating if you are not sure exactly what to do. Not only are there countless types of credit cards, but each one can have different rules to follow, different interest rates they charge, along with a variety of perks. Whether it’s a retail store credit card, … Read more

Apply Day of the Dead Makeup

The Day of the Dead is a widely celebrated holiday and has a distinctive style of makeup that is traditionally associated with the holiday. The style is known as “sugar skull” makeup because of the way it mimics the skull candy which is used in the celebration. Applying Day of the Dead makeup has become … Read more